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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious issue and may come in many forms. It includes not only physical abuse, but also verbal and emotional/psychological abuse. Most people think of domestic abuse as a marital issue. While it is true that domestic violence is often a problem married people face and sometimes precipitates a divorce, it also can be an issue in many other relationships. The abuser might also be a family member like your child, parent or sibling. It might also be a past or present boyfriend or girlfriend. Regardless of who the abuser is, you have the right to be free of the abuse.

Ending the Abuse: The Decision to Obtain a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

A domestic violence restraining order is an order of the court designed to protect individuals from abusive behavior. Getting a restraining order is often a difficult and emotionally-charged decision for a victim of abuse. Individuals are often afraid of possible retaliation from the abuser. They might also feel dependent on the abuser and fear the instability and uncertainty that might result from an order of protection. Is vital that victims realize there are resources available to them, and that suffering through an abusive relationship should never be an option. Most important, if you feel that you or those close to you are in danger, contact law enforcement.

If you feel you may need a domestic violence restraining order, the Law Office of Elainie Honjas can help. When seeking an order of protection, working with an experienced and compassionate attorney is critical. The process can be daunting, especially if it is contested. Attorney Elainie Honjas has worked with many victims of domestic violence throughout her career. She not only has a deep understanding of the law, but also understands the feelings of fear and anxiety that often plague victims of domestic violence. Elainie will walk you through the process, explain the various resources available to you, and most importantly, work zealously to bring the abuse to an end.

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